Science Program

Science Goals

The goal of the Cosmic Ray Anisotropy Workshop is to discuss the current status on cosmic ray anisotropy observations, and the astrophysical implications on the acceleration at their sources and on propagation in the interstellar magnetized plasmas. The discussion will include the latest developments in the determination of the galactic magnetic fields, the understanding of the local interstellar medium, and of the structure and properties of the heliosphere, as sources of influence on cosmic rays across a wide range of energy. The strategies of utilizing cosmic ray composition and arrival direction distribution as a novel probe into the properties of the interstellar magnetic field and into the identification of their local sources are explored, as well.

Topics of the workshop include

  • Cosmic ray anisotropy and local sources of acceleration.
  • Cosmic ray propagation through interstellar magnetized plasmas.
  • Cosmic ray interaction with heliosphere
  • Properties of galactic and interstellar medium and magnetic fields
  • Properties of the heliosphere and astrospheres
  • Recent results on cosmic ray anisotropy observations.
  • Analysis techniques in cosmic ray anisotropy studies.
Plenary sessions will begin on Wednesday, October, 11.
Confirmed plenary session speakers include: TBA