The Cosmic Ray Anisotropy workshop banquet will be held on Friday, October 13th in the town of Tequila, Jalisco.
This charming town west of Guadalajara is the cradle of the drink that bears the same name. About an hour by car on the way to Puerto Vallarta.
There will be a bus departing from Hotel Krystal after lunch.
The cost of the banquet is included in the price of the conference. You will be asked to select your entree when you register.

Mundo Cuervo Tequila Tour 

The trip includes the following:
  • Round trip bus Hotel Krystal Urban Guadalajara / Tequila, Jal.
  • Watch the jimadores harvest the agave
  • Tour of La Rojeña distilery. Watch the elaboration of tequila and enjoy a tasting of the different types of tequila.
  • Tour the town of Tequila with 20 different historical locations including the Tequila Museum and the local market.
  • Traditional Mexican Buffet Diner at Mundo Cuervo