Monday, October 9th
18:00hrs - 19:00hrs: Public lecture (Spanish) at CuValles
  • Speaker: Dr. María Magdalena González Sánchez, Universidad Autónoma de México, México
  • Title:  High Energy Gamma Ray Astronomy.
Tuesday, October 10th
8:00hrs: Registration
8:30hrs - 12:30hrs: Plenary sessions 
16:00hrs: Tapatío bus tour of downtown Guadalajara  (self organized)
18:00hrs - 20:00hrs: Public lectures (English) at MUSA 
  • Speaker: Prof. Marka Szabolcs, Columbia University, NY, USA
  • Title:  Astronomy's "Next Big Thing:" What can we expect from direct observations of Einstein's elusive predictions?.
20:00hrs - 21:00hrs:  Welcome reception at MUSA (following the public lectures)
Wednesday, October 11th
8:00hrs: Registration
8:30hrs - 18:00hrs: Plenary sessions
Thursday, October 12th
8:30hrs - 18:00hrs: Plenary sessions
Friday, October 13th
8:30hrs - 12:00hrs: Plenary sessions 
13:00hrs: Tequila tour and Banquet.
Saturday, October 14th
8:30hrs - 12:00hrs: Plenary sessions 
  • Speaker: Prof. Jordan Goodman. University of Maryland, MD, USA
  • Title: Multi-Messenger Astronomy.