Schedule Overview

Saturday, May 5 Pre-meetings: Intro to GPGPU Computing Bootcamp
Sunday, May 6 Pre-meetings: Gen-2 and Detector systematic uncertainty workshop
Monday, May 7 Pre-meetings: Gen-2 and LowEn/Osc analysis workshop
Tuesday May 8 Day one of meeting; ICC Lunch; Women's event; Welcome Party
Wednesday, May 9 ICB lunch; Communication lunch Workshop; Public outreach talk with winterovers at night
Thursday, May 10 Banquet
Friday, May 11 ICB lunch; Professional Development panel at night
Saturday May 12 Last day of meeting (done around 12:30pm)
Please see the IceCube INDICO TIMETABLE for the detailed schedule. 
All meetings will be held on campus at

Additional IceCube workshops and talks

Tuesday May 8 from 12:30-2:30pm
IceCube Women's Event: Building an Effective Research Team, a roundtable discussion with IceCube members Janet Conrad and Elisa Resconi.
Discussion will revolve around concepts related to establishing and sustaining an effective research team, including recruitment, retention, team composition and lab environment. The IceCube Diversity Task Force is excited to offer another installment of the IceCube Women's event. Open to women in the IceCube Collaboration.
Location: Room 301 in the student center
Registration: $15 (lunch included) Register on Indico and pay through the payment link.
Wednesday May 9 from 12:30-2:30pm
Communication Workshop #7- How to Make Your Science Stand Out in the (Media) Crowd
Meet Nola Taylor Redd and learn about what journalists need from scientists and what makes a science result a good story. Nola is a freelance science journalist who writes about space and astronomy for several media, including Scientific American, Smithsonian,, Discovery and Astronomy magazines.
This will be a 60 minutes interactive talk + questions. Come ready to ask everything you ever wanted to know about science news!
Location: Room 301 in the student center
Registration: $15 (lunch included) Register on Indico and pay through the payment link.
Wednesday May 9 from 7:00-8:00pm
Public Outreach talk by winterovers James Casey and Martin Wolf.
This event is sponsored by IceCube and the School of Physics at Georgia Tech.
Location: CULC building
Open to the public
Friday May 11 from 6:30-8:00pm
Professional Development: How to be successful as a postdoc, this panel style Q&A session with Deidre Shoemaker, Dunn Family Professor of Physics at the center for Relativistic Astrophyics (Georgia Tech) and Tianlu Yuan, IceCube postdoctoral researcher at UW-Madison. Panelists will offer insight, experience and answer questions on topics like finding open postdoc positions, selecting an advisor/topic and setting yourself on a desired career path.
Location: Room 319 in the student center
Registration: On Indico registration page