Registration and payment pages are on separate websites. To register for the meeting please go to the Indico Page.
If this is your first time using IceCubes indico, you can try to login. If it doesn't work please email, and we can give you access using the email you used to send us the request. 


IceCube meeting fee* (ending on April 1): $280 
IceCube meeting fee* (starting on April 2): $330
IceCube Banquet extra guests: $110 per guest
Women's event: $15 (lunch included)
Communication workshop: $15 (lunch included)
*The meeting fee includes coffee, all break food, meeting handouts, welcome party and conference banquet dinner.
WIFI at Georgia Tech- Eduroam accounts are the preferred way to access the wifi at Georgia Tech. If you cannot get an eduroam account through your institution please state that on the Indico registration page.

To pay for registration

To pay for your registraion fees go to the Payment page
The payment page allows you to pay with credit card. If paying with wire transfer please still go through payment page and submit your info. The wire transfer info is available when you click on the wire transfer link on the payment page. If you can't find the info, please email