Monday, May 4
morning          plenary sessions
afternoon        parallel sessions
evening           banquet
Tuesday, May 5
morning          plenary sessions
afternoon        parallel sessions
Wednesday, May 6
morning          plenary sessions
A more detailed program is available on the Indico page
Confirmed plenary session talks: 
  • Markus Ackermann, Diffuse gamma rays and neutrinos
  • Segev BenZvi, Results from HAWC
  • Douglas Bergman, Results from Telescope Array
  • Olga Botner, IceCube Neutrino Observatory present and future
  • Ronald Bruijn, Neutrino astronomy in the Mediterranean: past, present and future
  • Scott Dodelson, Cosmology overview
  • Dafne Guetta, High-energy neutrinos from gamma-ray bursts
  • Alice Harding, Results from Fermi
  • Karsten Heeger, Overview of reactor neutrino experiments
  • Alex Himel, Results from T2K and status of the Fermilab Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility
  • Hagar Landsmann, Results from the Xenon Dark Matter Project 
  • Thomas O’Donnell, Status of CUORE and KamLAND-Zen experiments
  • Ryan Patterson, Status of the NovA experiment
  • Anne Schukraft, Status of MicroBooNE
  • Christian Stegmann, Future of high-energy gamma-ray astronomy with air Cherekov telescopes
  • Michael Unger, Ultra-high energy cosmic rays 
  • Abigail Vieregg, Radio Detection of Ultrahigh-Energy Neutrinos
  • Eli Waxman, IceCube's neutrinos: What have we learned? 
  • Chao Zhang, Overview of JUNO
  • Joseph Zennamo, Status of liquid argon neutrino experiments
Parallel Topics: 
neutrino theory, high-energy gamma-ray astrophysics, cosmic rays, dark matter, neutrino astrophysics, and accelerator and non-accelerator-based neutrino physics